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 Emergency Roof Repair & Tarp Service In The Chicago Land Area Rain Or Shine, Night & Day.

Roofing issues don’t always happen at convenient times. That’s why Loyola Roofing offers emergency roof repair services to home and business owners across the Chicagoland Area.
We’ll Get There Quickly
Whether you’re faced with a leaky roof, storm damage, roof collapse or loose components, Loyola Roofing is available outside of normal business hours to service your roof and ease your concerns. Best of all, we won’t take advantage of your situation by charging an arm and a leg. With Loyola, you’ll get quality service at a price you can afford. We’ll even work with your insurance company to see if coverage applies.

For more information or to schedule an emergency appointment, call us now.

Chicago Land Weather can be and usually is brutal. Whether the sometimes extreme heat of the summer, or bone chilling cold of the winter with fluctuation in temperature ranging from 125 to 25 below every one in the city feels the effects, Including your roof.

With such rapid temp changes, sometimes over night, and with a excessive snow falls your roof will take a beating whether it’s from heat, cold, downed trees, or ice damage when your roof is damaged everything you hold dear is in trouble. From family & friends to employees & production lines a leaky roof makes it feel like the whole world is raining down on you.

Roof damage is no laughing matter; With the high winds and heavy snows of winter, we have seen far to many roofs collapse under harsh weather conditions.  So be sure to call us for preventive winter maintenance to ensure what you hold dear stays safe and warm under your roof

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